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Cadet [userpic]
New member
by Cadet (cadet)
at la 2-a de februaro 2006 (10:55)

Everybody welcome darkfoot! Our newest parasite_pal member. Please take some time to check her lovely DA gallery, link found in the user info of the community and....well, right here.

Yayyy! Lets get this community alive!

Hammerhead [userpic]
by Hammerhead (sub_terra)
at la 27-a de januaro 2006 (23:16)

fsakfasleak3fkfmAKFKSFKMKSAKMDmdmfsk-moo: cheerful
puppies?: The Cross - Samael

That's all I got. D:

Hammerhead [userpic]
by Hammerhead (sub_terra)
at la 15-a de januaro 2006 (02:50)

fsakfasleak3fkfmAKFKSFKMKSAKMDmdmfsk-moo: cold
puppies?: Wo Bist Du? - Rammstein

Two doodlepages.Collapse )


V [userpic]
by V (vivadawolf)
at la 14-a de januaro 2006 (17:57)

wtf is art?
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Cadet [userpic]
by Cadet (cadet)
at la 9-a de januaro 2006 (19:51)

fsakfasleak3fkfmAKFKSFKMKSAKMDmdmfsk-moo: bored
puppies?: "I Love My Car"~Belle & Sebastian

Hey guys,

This place is dead.
What a shame!

So now we ask YOU, OUR DEAR DEVOTED DEVOTEES (...??), to help us out.

We set forth a challenge to you...............................
every week we will sketch something (maybe more than one of those somethings) of your choice. So basically, comment and suggest to us stuff to draw. it can be specific (aka, draw guy from [book]) or really abstract (aka, draw a thing), whatever. Nothing TOO specific...though you can try I guess, and we will as well.
I mean, these will just be sketches. Of course, if we like them we might finish them up and etc. Or maybe if we really get this going we can do real finished works a week if we're oh so inspired to.

We all lack motivation.
Motivate us!

V [userpic]
by V (vivadawolf)
at la 30-a de septembro 2005 (20:55)


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Cadet [userpic]
Aroooo werewolves of London
by Cadet (cadet)
at la 25-a de aŭgusto 2005 (20:24)

fsakfasleak3fkfmAKFKSFKMKSAKMDmdmfsk-moo: rushed
puppies?: Donovan

I haven't posted in a looong time.

School started today so you know what that means...! notebook sketching instead of actually taking notes! or...yknow. free time.

This is in order of old to new.... "old" meaning from the end of June up to "new" which was later today.

assorted artsCollapse )

Hammerhead [userpic]
Das goot
by Hammerhead (sub_terra)
at la 3-a de aŭgusto 2005 (21:04)
puppies?: Elba - E.S.Posthumus

Hi guys. This is just the_ash/azzua under yet another journal name. I've abandoned those other two and will be using this one from now on.

have some art.Collapse )

by Azzua (the_ash)
at la 31-a de julio 2005 (19:00)
fsakfasleak3fkfmAKFKSFKMKSAKMDmdmfsk-moo: artistic
puppies?: underworld


For some reason it was hard to get a photo of... I guess cos the shirt is so red. Maybe if someone takes a picture of me in actual sunlight with it, or something, i don't know. Whatever, I think you can see enough.

couple more randomsCollapse )

That was fun. I bet I'll do more to it later... Cos I know I'll just get bored and stuff.

by Azzua (the_ash)
at la 31-a de julio 2005 (12:40)
fsakfasleak3fkfmAKFKSFKMKSAKMDmdmfsk-moo: sdfdtehfsdfaf
puppies?: Lai Lai Hei - Ensiferum

I haven't posted here in aaaages! So much for community spirit... :X Well let's try that again.

Have some craps. Lots of craps. Sorry if you may've seen these already...Collapse )

Come on Jenna and Vivs, post here some more.

Edit: Look I made the journal pretty! Jenna gave me mod abilities. And she fixed the userinfo. SO GUY, PLEASE PLEASE READ THE USERINFO BEFORE YOU CLICK ANY OF THOSE MANY BUTTONS OK? I know they're pretty and alluring, but really, guys. Practice self-restraint!

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