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by Azzua (the_ash)
at la 31-a de julio 2005 (12:40)
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puppies?: Lai Lai Hei - Ensiferum

I haven't posted here in aaaages! So much for community spirit... :X Well let's try that again.

Newest art. This is from last night. I like this creature. I want to say "expect to see more of him," but whenever I do that it's a lie. SO we'll just have to find out!

Working on a t-shirt. I bought some paint markers and fabric markers, and this is their first project. When it's done it'll say "De Vermis Mysteriis" and will have more of the black designies around. I'm sort of just wingin' it, though, not much in the planning department. As usual.

Photoshop painting practice. I was pressed for time on this one, otherwise I could've made it better.

Getting better at drawing eagle faces. It's about damned time, too.

James and the Giant Peach <3333

Everybody loves aye-ayes.



Slightly older photoshop painting practice. Inspired by the bat-mannnnnn.

Come on Jenna and Vivs, post here some more.

Edit: Look I made the journal pretty! Jenna gave me mod abilities. And she fixed the userinfo. SO GUY, PLEASE PLEASE READ THE USERINFO BEFORE YOU CLICK ANY OF THOSE MANY BUTTONS OK? I know they're pretty and alluring, but really, guys. Practice self-restraint!


Posted by: Magglo the Red (alien_invaders)
Posted at: la 31-a de julio 2005 15:00 (UTC)

Your designs are so fun to look at.

I love them. ♥.

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