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Hammerhead [userpic]
Das goot
by Hammerhead (sub_terra)
at la 3-a de aŭgusto 2005 (21:04)
puppies?: Elba - E.S.Posthumus

Hi guys. This is just the_ash/azzua under yet another journal name. I've abandoned those other two and will be using this one from now on.

I can't remember if I posted that or not. Whatever, I'm not crazy about it.

Terrible scan! Fo razerz. <3

Re-scanned and colouredddd. Dhur.

Oh don't ask. It wasn't looking how I wanted, so I gave up.

Notebook cover attacked by paintmarkers.


Remeniscing with Lores. He used to look pretty different. I'm not sure, but I'm contemplating turning the all-white, red-haired, dreadlocked boy into his own separate character and reverting Lores back to his oldskool self. perceptive_mind was there with me in class the first time Lores ever appeared on paper. It was 3 or 4 years ago. I love my Lolo...
Ignore the awful markerings. I was practicing and I knew I wouldn't get upset if I ruined those doodles, which I did. Lol.

Then ended up with this page.

...I love this. Description pasted from DevART:
I was sitting on my bed because the AC is right next to it and I wanted to keep as cool as possible without actually using the AC [so I had its fan function runnin']. Doodled a bit. Wanted to draw people. Noticed my little marker bag next to my bed and grabbed it... Messed up a few little doodles for practice and then ended up with this guy. I'm totally keeping him. I love him. But anyway, the REASON I am happy is because this is probably my favourite out of every single picture I've ever coloured with markers. I've never been able to shade skin too well with markers, but this seems decent to me. And I love his hair. And his clothes. I love colouring with markers. Shit.

OH, the reason I scrawled that big FUCK there is because when I started colouring his head, as you can see the + got all smudged. I got so pissed off, but I decided "screw that" and kept going. ...And fortunately the FUCK ended up looking ...badass or something. Lmao.

I'm keepin' this guy. He's got no name yet. [The spikes, by the way, are just fake spikes made of plastic or something that he pushed through the back of his jacket to be cool.

Lastly... I know the anatomy is kind of hunchbacked lookin'... That was my hand being stupid while I was inking. Oh well.