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Hammerhead [userpic]
by Hammerhead (sub_terra)
at la 15-a de januaro 2006 (02:50)

fsakfasleak3fkfmAKFKSFKMKSAKMDmdmfsk-moo: cold
puppies?: Wo Bist Du? - Rammstein

I tried to draw civets but I just couldn't get into it. They're so cute, but I didn't feel like drawing them. :( Sorry, Eks! There are a pair of little Telokae down there, and a Halspin on the side [I don't actually know if that chardesign is up-to-date].

I must admit, I am a big fan of that bungle and all of her characters. I'd never drawn isaac before, but he's such an awesome character and I felt like it. Because Chiv apparently wishes people drew her other characters more often. But i can't HELP IT, chival is so cute. Hi yeah I like tapeworms. Isaac's hairs kind of look like tapeworms. ...But I don't see that as a bad thing :(



Posted by: Erika (ta3kwondog)
Posted at: la 15-a de januaro 2006 06:27 (UTC)

the 2nd one is currently NOT loading so I shall get back
...I find them so pretty!!! I LOVE the muzzle of the very bottom one (profile)(I erased a sentence and this no longer makes sense, I meant the telokae!)
I also really like the one with you showing the tattoo... well, both of them X3
<3 sketches
I think I'll save this one if you don't mind

Posted by: Hammerhead (sub_terra)
Posted at: la 15-a de januaro 2006 07:10 (UTC)

Aw, of course I don't mind! :D

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